Sunday, November 19, 2006

Pete's Office---Welcome to My Mess!

Ok I admit it. I usually have a few projects going at one time. Here's a picture of my office in our home which contains my radio gear (aka 'Shack'), 2 computers, and about 1,000 books.

Once a week, at least, I try to do a cleansing of the office...which usually consists of throwing away, filing or delegating. It feels good to clean up the office but, unfortunately, the clean feel only lasts for a few hours.

I've often heard that busy people get things done. However, that only works to a certain point. I've learned that when I have too many projects going at once, nothing gets done.

New Year's weekend is always a period of office cleaning for me. Generally I have a couple of days off during this time, and I've found that starting the office clean in the New Year is a good thing.

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